Tiffany Collins

Dr. Collins grew up in Alabama in a small town called Roanoke. She initially wanted to be a pediatrician but started working in a veterinary clinic to obtain more medical experience. Long story short, she fell in love with the veterinary profession and simply never left! Dr. Collins attended Huntingdon College for her BA in biology and chemistry and then went to Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine for her DVM. She loves the small-town feel of Parrish Veterinary Clinic and working with such a genuinely caring team. Dr. Collins’ favorite thing about being a veterinarian is developing relationships with clients and patients, but it’s also rewarding to be there for families when they’re going through difficult times with their pets, be it illness or euthanasia.

At home, Dr. Collins has a Ragdoll cat named Tundra, who loves snuggles, stroller rides, and “kitty-cinos” (the feline equivalent of puppaccinos). Outside of vet med, Dr. Collins enjoys traveling, visiting the national parks, working out, spending time with Tundra and her fiance Brent, decorating, pickleball, tennis, and skiing.