Andrea was born and raised in the Brandon area but ended up living in different parts of the US and the world after becoming a military spouse and raising 4 amazing (now adult) children. Before she brought her skills to our clinic, Andrea was a single mom going to school to become an RN. But after talking to several people who were attending vet tech classes, she decided the vet tech role would be a better fit. So she pursued and obtained an associate degree in animal science and veterinary technology, and now Andrea is a valued member of our team! Some of her favorite aspects of working at Parrish include educating pet owners and getting to learn new things every day. She also loves meeting all the different pets and working with their owners to keep them healthy.

Andrea has two Great Danes, Queenie and Elphaba, two cats named Jack and Tiny Tim (a tripod kitty), and a Sulcata tortoise named Julius Pepperwood (who will probably outlive Andrea). She enjoys reading and doing crafts in her spare time.