Offering Professional Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning Services in Parrish, FL

Offering Professional Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning Services   in Parrish, FL

Our pets need more than dental treats and chews to keep their teeth and gums healthy. At Parrish Veterinary Clinic, cat and dog teeth cleaning procedures are an essential aspect of pet health care, because they help to treat and prevent dental disease. Dental disease is extremely common in dogs and cats, and in many cases, it can be quite uncomfortable and potentially lead to other health conditions. A comprehensive dental care plan will keep your pet’s teeth strong and pearly white, and make their mouth much more resistant to harmful oral infections.

If your pet hasn’t had an oral checkup in the last year, contact us today to schedule an exam!

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Does Your Pet Need to Have Their Mouth Checked?

Dogs and cats can’t tell us if they’re uncomfortable or unwell. Often, they will try to hide their pain, and continue living as normally as they can. This makes it difficult for pet owners to notice any changes that might indicate the need for a dental exam and teeth cleaning.

To stay on top of your pet’s dental health and treatment, keep an eye open for the following symptoms and behaviors:

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  • Bad breath (bad breath is one of the primary indications of poor oral health)
  • Drooling
  • Dropping food
  • Chewing on just one side
  • Avoiding chew toys and tug-of-war games
  • Red, swollen gums (try flipping your pet’s lip for a peek at their gums)
  • Rubbing or pawing at the mouth/muzzle

What Happens During Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning Procedures?

Cleaning your pet’s teeth at our clinic involves several steps to ensure their comfort and safety, and ensure the efficacy of the teeth cleaning procedure. Dogs and cats often present with buildup on the crowns of their teeth but also below the gum line, where infection can occur.

To safely and thoroughly clean your dog’s or cat’s teeth, we follow these protocols:

  • All teeth cleanings are performed under anesthesia; therefore, your pet will undergo a pre-anesthetic exam and bloodwork to evaluate their health and screen for underlying disease
  • While your pet is under, we will use our dental X-ray equipment to see inside the teeth and surrounding bone and check for hidden damage
  • We clean your pet’s teeth from root to tip using ultrasonic scaling and hand scaling tools to remove hardened tartar buildup
  • If necessary, our team can also perform tooth extractions to remove irreparably damaged teeth (and provide appropriate pain management for a more comfortable recovery)

Why We Recommend At-Home Dental Care for Pets

To maintain a healthy, happy smile, it’s important to provide ongoing dental care for your pet at home. Teeth brushing is key to slowing plaque formation and buildup. We can also discuss other options, such as a tartar-control diet, oral care wipes, and more.

If you have any questions about dental products we recommend or would like to book an appointment, reach out to us today!

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