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Pet Spay and Neuter Surgery in Parrish, FL

Pet Spay and Neuter Surgery  in Parrish, FL

Parrish Veterinary Clinic & Urgent Care houses a state-of-the-art pet surgery suite, where our vet team can perform spay and neuter surgeries and many other soft-tissue procedures. Not unlike a human surgical suite, our facility utilizes advanced anesthesia and monitoring equipment, with dedicated care from an assigned team member to keep a close eye on your pet. We take every precaution to maximize your pet’s safety, and ensure their comfort afterwards in recovery.

Contact us today to schedule your pet’s spay and neuter surgery, or other procedure recommended by your veterinarian. If you have any questions, call us at (941) 216-2335!

Increasing Your Pet’s Safety During Surgery

To make pet surgery as safe as possible at Parrish Veterinary Clinic & Urgent Care, our team implements the following protocols:

Pre-Anesthetic Exam

A pre-anesthetic exam helps us evaluate your pet’s health and check for any problems.


In addition to the exam, we also run pre-anesthetic blood work to screen for illness and check liver and kidney function.

Chest X-Rays

For pets age 7 and older, we recommend chest X-rays to evaluate the heart and lungs. As animals get older, they become more prone to heart and respiratory problems.

IV Catheter Placement

An IV catheter makes it easier and safer for our veterinary team to administer fluids and medication to our patients during surgery.

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The Importance of Spay and Neuter Surgeries

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Spay and neuter procedures are critical to the health of individual pets, but they also serve to benefit our community as a whole. Here’s how:

They Reduce Stray Animal Populations

Reducing dog and cat populations also reduces the number of strays, and decreases pressure on local animal shelters and rescues. This, in turn, helps to prevent many healthy animals from having to be euthanized, and ensure that more dogs and cats have loving homes.

They can Improve Your Pet’s Health and Lifespan

Spay and neuter surgeries can also decrease your pet’s risk for certain types of cancer and other health problems. Mammary gland tumors, ovarian tumors, and pyometra are some of the biggest disease risks for intact females. Intact males can be more at risk for testicular and prostate cancer. By reducing these risks, your pet could live longer.

Additional Surgical Services We Offer

Parrish Veterinary Clinic & Urgent Care is able to provide a variety of soft-tissue procedures and limited orthopedics, including:

  • Mass removals
  • Abdominal exploratory surgery
  • Foreign body removal
  • Cystotomy
  • Splenectomy
  • Gastropexy
  • Femoral head osteotomy
  • Amputations