Ashley is a Technician’s Assistant and is currently pursuing her Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT) credentials. Her passion for veterinary care was ignited during Hurricane Irma, when she volunteered at a veterinary clinic and cared for numerous cats. This experience deepened her love for animals and gave her a profound sense of purpose. Ashley began her journey in the veterinary field in June 2017 and has committed to continuous learning and growth within her role.

Ashley is the proud pet parent to two dogs, Luna and Ginny, and six cats, Steve, Bean, Angie, Axel, Toby, and Toto. Additionally, her family includes seven birds. In her free time, Ashley loves listening to music, particularly tunes by Twenty One Pilots, and reading books by Cassandra Clare. She is also an avid Marvel movie fan. She also enjoys outdoor activities, playing with her dog, visiting the beach, and painting.